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Transition Consulting Services for older adults and their families

As a Professional, you are eager to offer your services to clients, however in working with Seniors and their adult children, simply providing your services may be harder than you planned on. Pivotal Consulting offers your clients an opportunity to ask questions relating to many areas of transition that may be preventing them or delaying them from moving forward.  Pivotal Consulting works to prepare your clients in these challenging areas allowing you to deliver your services when the time is right, improving your status, clients understanding, preparedness and ultimately being satisfied in having made the right decision. Read more HERE

If you have a client in need of the Pivotal Consulting program, simply access this referral form and forward to us.

FIRST STEPS: In working with older adults and their families we have witnessed that taking the first step is always the hardest! Asking for or admitting the need for help is a challenge for all of us. Pivotal’s consulting services are designed to provide a safe, comfortable start in planning your next steps. When it comes to asking the difficult questions, who do you trust and who do you ask? As older adults facing challenges, we often shy away or deny ourselves the opportunity of discovering solutions for fear of the answers. The reality is, Knowledge Is Power. The power to shape your future, the power to make choices and the power to avoid circumstances that limit your choices. Pivotal offers families unbiased conversation leading to an ‘Action Plan’ inclusive of your choices and wishes.

YOUR VOICE: We all deserve to be heard! Pivotal’s programs are Person Centred, offering a platform for an understanding of your needs and wants, empowering your voice! Given the right conversation and solutions, Pivotal strives to improve your future quality of life.

SOLUTIONS: When you know what the question is, offering a solution is much easier! The challenge is discovering what the question is. Often we are introduced to a situation that causes us to discover an underlying or unrealized challenge. For some, the solution is simple and may require a few additional consulting hours, ($110.00/hr), while other situations may be more involved. When deciding to move forward with the ‘Action Plan’, you will have a choice; Implement the full plan or only parts of it. ‘Action Plan’ fees start at $1500.00 and may increase based on the details and 3rd party* involvement required to achieve your goals. The ‘Action Plan’ outline will offer you strategic pricing check points so you will be able to assess the costs early on in the program and design the plan moving forward. 3rd party* fees are paid directly by the customer to the 3rd party separate from any Pivotal fees. These details will be presented in the ‘Action Plan’.


    •  Starting the conversation
    •  Retirement home transition/placement
    •  Empty nest planning
    •  Dementia programs
    •  Cohabitation of seniors or families
    •  Leaseback programs
    •  Real Estate, transitions and downsizing
    •  Out of Province referral program
    •  Adult children faced with aging parent(s)
    •  Families need for accessibility
    •  Financial review & guaranteed income*
    • Healthcare navigation*
    • Next steps after the death of a spouse or partner


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