About Pivotal

Pivotal Aging Innovations, Inc.™ provides solutions for older adults in transition, and their carers, while consistently utilizing a person-cantered approach. Pivotal is the first of it's kind in offering older adults, their family, and organizations a network of solutions in managing services for older adults.
Canadian Seniors Association - a Not For Profit Association offering a voice for seniors and resident councils.
The Canadian Seniors’ Association provides a voice of advocacy for the enhancement of quality of life issues for Canada’s Seniors at the end of life care. We conduct and deliver targeted research that focuses on the most effective models of person centred care, including the distribution of the Ashby Memory Method™
SeniorCareAccess.comRetirement Home Database. Professional-access database, vacancy and other referral programs and family consulting.

Senior Transitions
. Real Estate, Lifestyle change, Condo, Retirement, LTC.

Pivotal also provides a number of programs for both families and professionals in the areas of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. For the LTC industry, Pivotal, with decades of experience, provides management and compliance services to ensure government regulations for Retirement and LTC are met.

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