Welcome to the home of the Pivotal Seniors Mortgage Professional™!

The Pivotal SMP™ was created out of the recognition that there is a need for those professionals interacting with seniors and their families to really understand the persons they are interacting with. Your general life experiences will tell you that seniors are indeed different and when it comes to their money, they are, understandably, guarded.

The Pivotal SMP™ program grew from the Pivotal ASA™ program, which launched in 2007 and is primarily directed at REALTORS®. Over the time that the ASA™ program has been offered, hundreds of mortgage professionals have taken the course, in order to better understand and serve their senior clients. In 2012 the ASA-M™ program was created and awarded CEU by CAAMP. Now, in 2018, the Pivotal SMP™ program has been created to bring a much-elevated level of specialized training to mortgage professionals who want to really thrive in the seniors marketplace. The Pivotal Seniors Mortgage Professional™ Program is re-approved by Mortgage Professionals Canada for 8 CE Units in the Professional Development Category for 2018.

WHY become an SMP?

  1. Make More Money
    Graduates from the ASA core education curriculum report that when they put the tools to work they make more money from the people in their current database. It will be the same for SMP™ graduates.
  2. Say Goodbye to Family Hassles
    Our members tell us that when they present the extra value their training in the seniors market provides, family concerns are not a deciding factor.
  3. New Target Markets – Who They Are & How to Reach Them.
    Target market to two target markets that are not thought of by mortgage professionals who have not taken the training the SMP™ program provides. We know these target markets are not thought of because they tell us mortgage professionals do not contact them, and they want them to!
  4. CANADIAN Business Building Tools
    Members of Pivotal Seniors Mortgage Professionals™ have access to business building tools, including free reports, presentations, letters, articles, postcards and more.
  5. Free CANADIAN Training Webinars
    Learn from leading experts in the area of seniors real estate  & financing needs, business branding, growing your business through social media, interviews with CANADIAN mortgage professionals who are making their SMP™ work for them.
  6. Connect to Top Producing REALTORS®
    Through newsletter, bulletins and special programs you will be connected to the increasing membership of both ASA’s™ and SMP’s™. On average our members have about 15 years experience, which means that they are established professionals with a broad sphere of influence and contacts.
  7. Member Benefits
    From seminars to discounts at retailers, we offer our members special rates. Our members can attend some sessions for free or minimal cost.
  8. Did We Mention the SMP™ is 100% CANADIAN?